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USCSA: Atlantic Highlands Conference
Graphic Design


The USCSA started hosting the U.S. Collegiate Skiing & Snowboarding National ChampionshipTM 38 years ago where the first events included only Alpine and Cross-Country competition. The organization has since grown from that first small venue to now include over 250 Alpine athletes, 80 Cross-Country athletes, 125 Snowboard athletes and 40 Freestyle Skiing Athletes – and now Nordic Ski Jumping athletes.


The USCSA is the sports federation for collegiate team ski racing and snowboarding in America. The USCSA believes that student-athletes of all levels and abilities should have access to quality and exciting venues of competition. In excess of 178 colleges from coast to coast, fielding over 5,000 male and female, alpine, freestyle, cross-country, snowboarding and nordic ski jumping athletes in over 300 events annually.


Team performance is emphasized within the USCSA, a departure from the typical individual or world cup scoring format often found in skiing. USCSA athletes agree that this team orientation fosters a team approach across their collegiate athletic and academic careers, and often the mentality proves indispensable in their adult lives and careers.

Imamura redesigned the Atlantic Highlands Conference logo in 2014 as part of a larger rebranding of the conference. The Atlantic Highlands Conference is one of 12 regions across the United States that collectively make up the United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association (USCSA).

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