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RHYTHM ENGLISH, Waseda Prep School
Co-Producer, Educational DVD


"Rhythm English”, is an educational program produced for Waseda Prep School, a premiere prep school based in Tokyo with hundreds of locations across Japan. Waseda Prep School is known for it’s innovative curriculums and incorporation of global awareness into everyday studies. The “Rhythm English” program was established for the school’s elementary students who are just beginning to learn English. The DVD was produced for this program to engage young students in English through song and dance, paired with real-life reinactments of simple conversational exchanges. 


Imamura initially hired a Co-Producer, Casting director, DP, Art Department, and Choreographer. Then, working in collaboration with her Co-Producer, Stephanie Pon, the team hired 4 talents through an open call casting, and the remainder of the crew (PAs, Camera Assistant, Hair/Makeup, and Gaffer). Imamura and Pon oversaw the entire production, both creatively and logistically from directing to line producing the videos.


The song lyrics of 6 songs served as the script which required three videos per song: one dance version, one instructional dance version, and one real-life reenactment. The danced components were shot in at Brooklyn Fireproof Studios and the real-life reenactments were shot on location in Dumbo Brooklyn. 


The Rhythm English program and DVD was launched in the Fall of 2013 and is widely used in Waseda prep school’s elementary curriculum across Japan, teaching Japanese children how to sing, dance and communicate in English!

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