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Lena Imamura (b.1985, NYC) is an artist, entrepreneur and cultural producer living and working in NYC.


While studying fine art at The Cooper Union School for the Advancement of Science and Art, she collaborated with two other artists to program an exhibition and event space in Soho NY called, The Canal Chapter. From 2006-2008 as the Special Projects Coordinator for The Canal Chapter, Imamura produced multiple projects including an artist residency, weekly cabaret speakeasy, music festival, emerging artist film screenings, lecture events and art exhibitions. Since then, Imamura began working independently with a wide range of creative individuals and businesses (from musicians, visual artists, designers, writers, to choreographers, along with galleries, curators, art advisors, and architects), to produce exhibitions, events, catalogs, manage finances and structure business operations.


In 2009 Imamura founded ACOUNTESS, a company that helps artists manage their projects, finances and realize their dreams. By 2012, ACOUNTESS established a partnership with The Bookkeeping Company of NY and became a consultant for small creative businesses. This partnership allowed Imamura to work exclusively with Vito Schnabel, a contemporary art dealer with an innovative gallery model who manages multiple artists and presents art exhibitions in a variety of venues both domestically and internationally, from large-scale temporary exhibition spaces to established art institutions. As Managing Director at Vito Schnabel’s company VMS, Imamura oversaw all aspects of the business' operations, projects and finances.


After 10+ years of experience working in the art world Imamura followed an instinct to explore the tech-space and went to Kickstarter, a crowdfunding tech platform for creative projects. As Chief of Staff at Kickstarter, Imamura was responsible for strategic project management at the highest level. Providing executive level support to top decision-makers and effective management in all areas of staffing and personnel, administration and project completion. At Kickstarter Imamura learned how art and creativity can be developed and celebrated on a global scale that was democratic, non-hierarchical and community-supported. This realization was the seed that inspired Imamura to reinvest her own art and creative interests. 

Today, Imamura is a Co-Founder of GLO Studio (formerly Name Glo) a Neon light studio that lights-up people's lives with neon artwork. At GLO Studio, Imamura cultivates an environment where artistic inquiry and creative problem-solving are integral to everyday life, fostering a culture of continuous exploration and curiosity.

In her artwork, Imamura explores the complex realities we navigate daily through the interplay of nature, technology, and science. Utilizing mediums such as neon, LED, resin, glass, and digital displays, she captures ethereal dimensions, encouraging us to explore the subtle forces that shape our perceptions and emotions. 

Imamura's life, leadership and creativity all strive to reveal unseen realms, inviting transformative interactions with our reality.

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