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Co-Curator & Special Projects Coordinator


The Canal Chapter Artist Residency Project was an undertaking that celebrated the principal  of the gallery. Founded on a utopian desire to create a fertile environment in which emerging artists can make and exhibit work in a space free from the limitations of finance, commerce, location, noise, exposure, and judgment. The Canal Chapter was inspired by and expands upon the groundbreaking alternative art spaces that dominated the New York art scene during the late1960s through 1980s. Experiments in living, performance, art and community were key focuses of the program. 


From August 3rd until September 7th, 10 emerging artists chosen to participate in the Canal Chapter 2007 Artist Residency Project, lived at The Canal Chapter (a 2000 sq.ft loft located at 343 Canal Street, 4th Floor). They worked a few blocks away at the Franklin Collective (in a 2000 sq. ft loft located at 72 Franklin Street). Periodic live internet feeds of both spaces were available for viewing at the gallery’s website and both locations were open to the public 24/7. Throughout the duration of the project, each artist participated in weekly critiques and panel discussions, daily visiting artists, communal living, and events. 


Panel discussions included topics such as “Displacing Development,” “For the Love of God (The $100 MiIlion Skull),” “Fight or Flight” and “The Suburbanization of New York.” Panelists included: Rya Conrad-Bradshaw (The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Manager of Museum as Hub); Sachiko Uozumi (Designer of sustainable products to laptop computer color studies, and urban playground development); Mary Mattingly (Artist); Max Blagg (Performer, Writer and Co-editor w/Glenn O’Brien of Bald Ego magazine); Carlucci Bencivenga (Artist); James Fuentes (Gallery owner, James Fuentes LLC); Juan Puntes(Gallery director, White Box gallery)


Applications for the program were submitted from Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Korea, Ireland, Greece, Canada, Israel and The United States. The selected artists were: Hilla Ben Ari, Raina Benoit, Collin Bunting, Rachel Bunting, Soo-Whan Choi, Charlotte Ginsborg, Aaron Joseph Hughes, Kymia Nawabi, Katherine Elizabeth St. Clair and George Venson. Their work ranged from documentary video, mythic sculptures, installation/performance art, found object relief, suburban paintings, blueprint drawings, political prints, peace callings, graphic collages, and meditative light projects.


The Residency launched with a welcoming reception on Friday, August 3rd from 6 pm - 10 pm, and concluded with a closing exhibition on Friday, September 7th from 6pm-10pm. All events and visitations were free and open to the public. Opening and closing events included performances by  Team Facelift, The Countess and The Cunt Rock Revolution, DJ SKATERDAYS, Patrick Cleandenim & The Living Image, Lights and Todosantos. 

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