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EARTH DAY SYMPOSIUM: "Sustainable Design" 

Panel Discussion 


Presented by Sustainability Practice Network

on April 25, 2007 at The Great Hall

(7 East 7th Street, NY NY 10003)

Free to the public


Sustainable Design, was a panel discussion at the historic Great Hall of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, that explored the many ways in which designing environmentally sensitive buildings affect our life quality, personal health and, in the global perspective, our financial condition.

Moderating the panel will be Bruce Kahn and Jennie Nevin of Smith Barney Financial Advisors and members of Sustainability Practice Network. The panelists will examine the long-term benefits of designing green and the latest sustainable design strategies as well as the financial benefits and constraints. 


Topics and Panelists include:


Public Health Impacts of the Built Environment

Dinah A. Koehler, Sci.D. Social Scientist,

Office of Research and Development, US EPA


Integrating Sustainable Design

Catherine Nueva Espana, Atelier Ten,

Consulting Environmental Designers


Green Building, The Legal Design

Nancy E. Anderson, Ph.D., Executive Director,

The Sallan Foundation


Hear Nancy Anderson's presentation & Panel Discussion Q&A:





Panel Discussion 


Sponsored by GE Ecomagination's Water & Process Technologies

on March 22, 2007 at The Great Hall

(7 East 7th Street, NY NY 10003)

Free to the public


World Water Day, was a panel discussion at the historic Great Hall of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York to discuss and explore key issues, challenges, and solutions critical in addressing the world’s growing water scarcity crisis. The panel, comprised of experts from the architecture, financial, sustainable design, and water treatment sectors, challenged the students to be aware of the mounting water worries facing the world and to use their unique talents to make a difference in solving water scarcity, quality and cost issues. 


“Water scarcity is a global challenge that requires awareness and action from all stakeholders,” said Jeff Fulgham, GE Water & Process Technologies. “Governments, industry, NGOs, policy and decision makers, will all be instrumental in shaping and implementing the solutions that can help alleviate the impact water scarcity can have on societies and economies. Today’s panel provided a chance to educate and increase awareness about the realities of where we are currently headed and to discuss areas where we can come together to make a real difference.”


The 2007 UN World Water Day focuses on the increasing global significance of the world’s water scarcity crisis and the need for increased integration and cooperation to ensure sustainable, efficient and equitable management of scarce water resources at the international and local level. According to the UN, today one out of five people (1.1 billion) lack sufficient access to healthy, usable water and 6,000 people die each day from water related diseases. Over the next 20 years that number is expected to rapidly grow to an estimated 3 out of 5 individuals living without access to a freshwater source.


As part of GE’s World Water Day efforts, GE Water & Process Technologies sponsored Lena Imamura, to create a sculpture that reflects the global water scarcity crisis. The sculpture serves as a reminder of the many challenges facing the current state of the world’s water sources and to drive awareness around the need for further involvement by all. 


Panel topics include: the future of technology and water; industry’s role and responsibilities; sustainable growth practices and designs; and how key stakeholders can come together to make a difference in increasing access to fresh, usable water sources.  


Panelists include:


Andrew Shapiro, GreenOrder, Founder and CEO,

Environmental strategy consulting firm


Jeff Fulgham, GE Water & Process Technologies,

Senior vice president of Sustainability


Alana Libow, Analyst,

Innovest Strategic Value Advisors


Rives Taylor, Sustainable Design Expert,

Gensler Architecture Firm


About GE Water & Process Technologies:
GE Water & Process Technologies, a unit of General Electric Company, is solving some of the worlds most pressing water challenges by providing industrial, agricultural and potable water, while lessening our de-pendence on fresh water sources. Technologies to accomplish this include desalination, advanced mem-branes, separation solutions, and water reuse and wastewater management and process technologies. GE delivers value to customers by improving performance and product quality, reducing operating costs and extending equipment life. 


Read the full press release:

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