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Agent & Project Manager


Sphinx Groop International was established in 2007 by Patrick Roberts (aka Patrick Cleandenim) as a creative design company geared towards artists. Sphinx Groop worked with a loose community of designers, actors, artists and musicians to design and produce events, films, music videos, records, film screenings, stage sets, costumes, awards, and posters. 


In 2010, Imamura oversaw the design and production of a custom award for YP210's annual footwear convention that was celebrating Steve Madden's 20 years in the shoe business. The presented award was a baseball cap with Steve Madden's initials "SM" embroidered on the front, in recognition of Steven's staple fashion accessory. The cap was encased in a clear display box lined with white faux fur with Sphinx Groop Int'l's tag inscribed in the inner rim.

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