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NAME GLO, Custom Neons
Co-Founder, Creative Director


N A M E  G L O is a New York City based contemporary neon studio for a new generation of design enthusiasts. Cofounded by Lena Imamura and Sas Simon in 2014, the studio offers a chic selection of ready-made neon designs and provides clients a platform to create custom pieces of their own

The founding story begins when Sas first commissioned Lena to design a neon for a baby shower. Sas had searched all that the internet and NYC had to offer and couldn't find the right place, with the right design, for the right price. 

With NAME GLO, you can craft your very own neon sign by using their design app or submit your idea to create an original design. You’re in the driver’s seat and NAME GLO makes your neon dreams come true!


NAME GLO also creates collections of their own designs that are whimsical and pop! They will certainly steal the show in any space they’re placed in.

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